How Do You Say Happy Birthday In China

How Do You Say Happy Birthday In China. The first part of this greeting. In pinyin, the easiest way to say “happy birthday” is *, or “sh**ngr* ku*il*”.

25 Chinese Birthday Wishes
25 Chinese Birthday Wishes from

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For The Word Birthday, You Take Your One Hand.

Web how do you say happy birthday! 祝你幸福, 祝你健康, 祝你前途光明。 zhù nǐ xìng fú, zhù nǐ jiàn kāng. 祝你 (zhù nǐ) means wishing you. 快樂 (in traditional form) / 快乐 (simplified form) (kuài lè) can be preceded.

The First Part Of This Expression Is 生.

However, the official birthdate after learning to the chinese. Web another form of wishing someone a happy birthday in chinese in a sentence is to say: In this expression, the first part is *.

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Web How Do You Say “Happy Birthday” In Chinese?

生日 (shēngrì) means “birthday,” and 快乐 (kuàilè) which means. Zhù nǐ qián tú guāng míng. Lingo bus is an online chinese education.

In Pinyin, The Easiest Way To Say “Happy Birthday” Is *, Or “Sh**Ngr* Ku*Il*”.

It is the sign for birthday. Of course, it is a goal for everyone! When you’re wishing someone a “happy birthday” in chinese, you say to them 生日快樂 (shēngrì kuàilè).

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