Avengers X Reader Forgotten Birthday

Avengers X Reader Forgotten Birthday. You soon passed out in. Pulling it out, i read.

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Web luckily fury took her in and turned her into on of the best shield agents, alongside romanoff and barton. Web avengers x female/male reader insert characters include: She had hoped she’d be spending this birthday with the people.

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You said, trying not to let the. Ch 2 didn’t notice at first. Today was a very special day for (y/n).

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Reader is part of the avengers, she was there in sokovia during the attack of ultron, reader makes the. Web fanfiction avengers team x reader natasha romanoff x reader tony stark x reader steve rogers x reader. Web avengers x female/male reader insert characters include:

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Everybody have others who are willing to listen. You are a genius, and when you get invited to one of tony stark's parties, your life changes forever. Web you sat at the bar, seeing thor munch on a poptart and you smiled the tiniest bit.

You Soon Passed Out In.

Winter soldier avengers | reader | fanfiction romance science fiction soulmate au x reader bucky. Web clutter started piling up, dishes weren't getting washed, the lab was a disaster, steve was running out of punching bags without holes, thor was out of poptarts, and. Natasha and wanda were fuming, not believing that every single one of the boys had forgotten their friend’s birthday.

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Web you groan, rubbing your hands down your face, but keeping them over your eyes. “good morning (y/n)!” he happily grinned and you nodded in reply. Web they look at you in even more shock and even more guilt.